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Mermaid Hannah Fraser,
Join NOw There are plenty of online modeling directories, but none are centered around MerFolk. Not only that, they don’t understand what we believe, stand for, or want. We’re a diverse group on individuals with a love for the ocean and the earth. We’re different, but in a mer-mazing way!
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Our mermaid wish is that you find everything under the sea while helping our oceans and raising the vibration of the planet. Mermaste!

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MerStar Of The Month

Brandee Anthony created Vero Beach Mermaid as a creative outlet to inspire and connect with others around the world. “I have always been fascinated with the ideas around Mermaids and their ability to connect people to the sea. However I knew dreamed I would actually become one professionally! My journey started in spring of 2016. I was live streaming full time and wanted to create something truly unique. Underwater interactive live streams! I quickly decided…