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Mermaid Hannah Fraser,
Join NOw There are plenty of online modeling directories, but none are centered around MerFolk. Not only that, they don’t understand what we believe, stand for, or want. We’re a diverse group on individuals with a love for the ocean and the earth. We’re different, but in a mer-mazing way! Mermaid Infinity Logo
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Our mermaid wish is that you find everything under the sea while helping our oceans and raising the vibration of the planet. Mermaste!

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Join The Mermaid Infinity Community Today

There are plenty of online modeling directories, but none are centered around MerFolk. Not only that, they don't understand what we believe, stand for, or want. We're a diverse group on individuals with a love for the ocean and the earth. We're different, but in a mer-mazing way!

When you join the Mermaid Infinity community, you are joining an international community of mermaids, mermen, and merfolk in one central location.

While membership is not free, it's worth it when you consider all that you are gaining access to. Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to create a customized MerListing.
  • The ability to create a customized Business Listing.
  • The ability to create mer-related, classified listings.
  • The ability to post images in our voting gallery for MerFolk of the Month exposure.
  • The ability to join our MerConnect community where you can talk with other MerFolk in a private forum.

We hope that you will find this a place for interaction in our community of MerFolk as well as a place where you can receive the exposure you deserve for your business services.

"Sea" you on the other side!
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Mermaid Infinity has a unique community of MerFolk just like you! We have different tiers of access, depending on your needs. Below are the different options you can choose from.

If you have questions, please reach out to us using our contact form.

Sell as many mermaid-related products as you want with one of our hosted stores. We charge a small monthly fee without any commission charges.

Mermaid Community Access
Looking for a way to boost your online presence? Our online community gives you numerous ways to reach out even more. Create a MerListing, list your business, create classified ads, and even submit images for others to vote on (huge social media impact).

Store + Mermaid Community Access
Get the best of everything with this subscription package. Get everything Mermaid Infinity has to offer in one package.


MER-Code of Conduct

Welcome to Mermaid Infinity we shore hope that we will be a good fit for you on your mermaid adventure and journey. Because we know there are many different waterways one can swim in we ask that you read carefully the following rules and regulations we proudly swim by before signing below.
  • NO nudity of any type on our site (including but not limited to tops, bottoms, body paint, pasties).
  • Pics/videos of modest bottoms of appropriate coverage, both front and back only.
  • Modest tops of appropriate coverage only.
  • NO foul language in videos or text, keep it G-rated.
  • NO single use plastic in pics or videos.
  • NO discrimination, harassment or liable (verbal, online, or otherwise) will be tolerated.
  • NO promoting of graphics of drugs, cigarettes, e-cigarettes.
By signing up, you understand and agree that:
  • If your submitted G-rated Pages violate any of the above mentioned standards (including but not limited to appropriate dress) Mermaid Infinity reserves the right to unlink and untag any and all pages that violate the Mer-code of conduct.
  • You understand and agree that Mermaid Infinity trademarks and copyrights the logo and should not be used in any publication without authority.
  • You understand and agree not to tag Mermaid Infinity pages to any multimedia (including but not limited to photos, videos, and audio) that violate the Mer-code of conduct.
  • You confirm that you are 18 or over and can provide proof of ID should it become necessary.
  • You agree to abide by all the rules listed by Mermaid Infinity

Disclaimer: All applicants must read through the terms of service and agree with them before applying. Applicants must adhere to all policies at all times.

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