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Our mermaid wish is that you find everything under the sea while helping our oceans and raising the vibration of the planet. Mermaste!

Mermaid Tasha



United States


Swimming with ocean wildlife
Tank Diving
Underwater Modeling


Diving/Swimming Lessons
Educational Appearances/Programs
Public Speaking
Website Creators


Certified Freediver
First Aid
Open Water Diver (OWD)
Scuba Diving for Rescue Divers

Other Skills: NAUI Mermaid, Fin Fun Instructor

Languages Spoken


Mermaid Tasha

Female Mermaid
Berlin, MD

About Me

Mermaid Tasha is Delmarva’s Premier Mermaid Entertainer.

Mermaid Tasha offers mermaid entertainment and appearances, mermaid lessons, and weekend-long mermaid camp intensives. She is a PADI Rescue Diver, PFI Freediver, ALA Lifeguard and first responder, NAUI Mermaid, and Fin Fun Mermaid Instructor. She frequently travels internationally and spends most of her free time underwater in the ocean with other marine animals. Tasha loves to use her voice as a mermaid to promote conservation and awareness.