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Our mermaid wish is that you find everything under the sea while helping our oceans and raising the vibration of the planet. Mermaste!

What is a Mermaid or Merman?

What is a Mermaid or Merman?

merwater challenge


What defines a mermaid or merman? Is a mermaid someone who puts on a costume and swims or is a mermaid something more? True mermaids or mermen are Protectors of the 7 Seas – the Guardians of the Oceans.

Mermaids understand that water is life. We are made mostly of water as the whole earth is mostly water which makes water one of the most important resources on this earth. Without Water – There is NO Life.

Mermaids also understand that the quality of our water on this earth reflects our quality of life on this earth. If our water is polluted, contaminated, or stripped of its goodness, then the quality of life on earth suffers.

Mermaids have the responsibility of protecting the water on the earth and therefore have been given the power to do so. Some mermaids understand this power and others don’t know the power that they have been given.

My dream is that all of the mermaids and mermen of the world will come together as a mighty force to save and protect the water on this planet. There are many ways to do that. Spirit will lead each person to do what they were created to do.

The collective coming together is very powerful. There is healing energy in this group. We can change the water on this earth. We can heal the water.

This is your MerWater Challenge. This is the start of a MerMovement. This is a beginning to create great change.

Below is an action that all of us can take this April 22nd.


Go to a body of water on April 22nd. If you don’t have a body of water near you or can’t get to a body of water, then just hold up a glass of water for this challenge or visualize a body of water that you love.
Speak to the water and tell the water how much you love and appreciate it. Speak your blessings to the water.

Post about your experiences. Use your creativity to celebrate WATER.
Draw, dance, video, post this challenge on Tik Tok,

This will be the start of our journey together as Protectors of the 7 Seas.
Join with us – ALL mermaids, mermen, and mermaids at heart. We will make a difference.

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For Those Who Are Curious and Want To Learn More

Dr. Emoto proved that water responds to words of love and gratitude. If you would like to find out more about his experiments, I have included some of my research below.

Water makes up 70% of our body. If thoughts and words can change water, imagine what good thoughts and words can do for us.


Emoto Water Research Video

Masaru Emoto’s Experiment in Gratitude

Masaru Emoto Water Experiment, Music for Stress Relief


The Messages of Water – Children’s Version

Dr. Emoto – Messages From Water

Hidden Messages In Water

The Experiments of Masaru Emoto with emotional imprinting of water


If you would like to read more about Dr. Emoto’s experiments, here are some of his books to purchase.

The Hidden Messages in Water – Audible Audiobook

The Healing Power of Water by Dr. Emoto

Water Crystal Oracle Cards

Love Thyself – Messages From Water By Dr. Emoto

GAIA – The Secret of Water 

The Shape of Love by Dr. Emoto


Effects of Distance Intention On Water Crystal Formation
After the water was frozen, crystallized, and photos were taken, 2500 independent blind judges rated the beauty of the crystals. A similar result was found, i.e. the treated water crystals were judged to be more beautiful than the control crystals overall (Radin et al., 2008). While many more studies are needed to refute or support these findings, they are intriguing and contain enormous implications for health, given that our bodies are made of mostly water.

The Curious Study of Water

Pub-Med: Double-blind test of the effects of distant intention on water crystal formation

Results indicated that crystals from the treated water were given higher scores for aesthetic appeal than those from the control water (P = .001, one-tailed), lending support to the hypothesis.


Triple Aqua

Shello everyone!

Kristi Ann

I hope you’re all doing fintastic in your neck of the ocean. As this is my first time writing on the site I figured I would introduce myself and give you a little backstory on how I became a professional mermaid. Because the number one question I am always asked is… How did you get into this business?

I always smile and say well, I was born and raised in Key West Florida and before I could walk or talk, I could swim. Because my father was also born on the magical little isle of Key West I washed up here by default. Being the firstborn child of my parents and I suspect my father wanted a boy…he would take me everywhere that he loved to go. Lucky for me he had a love affair with the ocean. As he still does till this day! He would take me on all of his adventures.

At one-ish I could swim. At four years old I knew how to dive with tanks. I think today they call that child abuse LOL. I would go on his back with my two twin mini dive tanks that held 15 minutes of air each and when I couldn’t decompress I would pull on his ear lobe and he would go up to the surface a little, and when I could decompress I would tug on his hear lobe again and he would stop.

As a little girl, my father was a commercial fisherman so I also spend many weekends and summers fishing on a commercial fishing boat. Well…at least I thought I was fishing. So my love of the ocean and of the water started at a very early age.

Lucky for me my sister Tally Ann was born 18 months after I was born so then, I had a mersister. She also learned to swim at a very young age, and we spent the majority of our time growing up here on the island in the swimming pool, the canal, or the ocean itself. We would bind our ankles with anything that we can find, shoelaces, scarfs, whatever would do the trick for us to perfect our mermaid form. BTW I do NOT recommend this! Luckily they are safer ways in today’s world to be a mermaid. We would play who could hold their breath the longest. That came in handy because we would put all of the patio furniture at the bottom of the pool and play tea party.

So when people ask me what is it like to be born and raised on the island of Key West I say well… I pretty much grew up waterlogged. So it’s no wonder that today I am that person that when asked what I do for a living I say I’m a professional Mermaid, an award-winning festival founder, mermaid and ocean conservation educator, mermaid instructor, performer, model, and expert content creator just to name some of the many tails this mermaid wears.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog on this magical site that is Mermaid Infinity. Until next time when I will share another one of my mermaid adventures with you. But until then…remember, always keep swimming towards your dreams.

#bepartofmyworld #splashdonttrash #thetakeoverisreel

All the best!

Florida’s Most Modern Mermaid

Mermaid Kristi Ann