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Mermaid Hannah Fraser,
Join NOw There are plenty of online modeling directories, but none are centered around MerFolk. Not only that, they don’t understand what we believe, stand for, or want. We’re a diverse group on individuals with a love for the ocean and the earth. We’re different, but in a mer-mazing way! Mermaid Infinity Logo
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Our mermaid wish is that you find everything under the sea while helping our oceans and raising the vibration of the planet. Mermaste!
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THE One-Stop For EVERYTHING Mermaid!

We know that you are busy swimming here, swimming there, and swimming everywhere, so why go to multiple beaches to pick the perfect shells when you can just go to one?
At Mermaid Infinity, we’ve made it easy to find your hidden treasure without having to scour the seven seas.

Plenty Of Places To Find Your Treasures

– Locate the perfect Mer in the Mermaid Directory.
– Browse mer-related business in the Business Listings.
– Find buried treasures in the Classified Listings.
– Don’t miss the next event! See what’s happening on the Events page.
– Send a loved one a specialized MerCard.
– Connect with a Mer in our private forum/chat.
– Keep up with the latest MerNews on our blog.
– Vote for your favorite Mer in the Voting Booth.
Have fun swimming in just one lane because this site is (The World Is Your Oyster) for all that is in the world of Mermaid.

Swim On!

We have the most diverse, unique, and beautiful individuals in the world!
Take a moment and vote for our members by visiting our Voting Booth!
Below are just a few of the members you can vote for!
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Our Mission

Mermaid Infinity is dedicated to teaching everyone how to swim safely, conserve the ocean, and reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Swimming in a mermaid tails or other mermaid-related gear requires proper training and supervision. But, we also know how much FUN it is and how much you’ll enjoy it. That is why we want to help you get swimming certified.

In addition to swimming safety, we also focus heavily on ocean conservation. What we do impacts the world around us more than we know; a small act by ONE can impact many! In order to enjoy the natural beauty around us, we need to keep our waters clean and trash free.

Of course, this is the short version. For a more detailed explanation, watch the video and see what keeps our Mermaid Infinity community swimming!

Upcoming Mermaid Events

Mermazing Specialities Of Our Directory

We are here to help you make all of your mermaid dreams come true.
SEA why our mermaid directory is so fintastic and unique in all of the 7 seas.

Built By Mermaids

Most websites are built by programmers and money-grabbing, opportunists.

We're mermaids, and we built this to strengthen our community.

Detailed Search Engine

We know how frustrating it can be when you can find what you want.

That's why our search engine allows you to search on a detailed level (i.e. skills, languages, country)

Private Community

Want to talk with other mermaids without having to worry about who is on the other end?

We've got a private forum/chat built specifically for you!

Updated Event Listings

Keeping up with all the mermaid-related events can be difficult, especially when you have to look everywhere!

Now you don't! We've got them right here is one easy-to-navigate place.

Easy To Join

We're only given so much time to live, so why waste all of it on a membership signup form?

We've simplified the process down to a few steps. Signup should take less than three minutes to complete.

Global Exposure

We're a GLOBAL directory with members from all over the world.

We're the #1 resource for the mermaid-related community with plenty of exposure for you!

The Coral Reef Mermaids (family-friendly show)

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